Accommodating all Shapes, Tastes and Sizes

Group Accommodation can be simple with a little thought....

Whether it's a wedding, celebration, spending time with friends or fitting in a ever growing family, with a little planning it's simpler than you think.


Will Great Aunt Mabel really want to climb the stairs, what about baby Molly? We want to go to the Pub! The children can't possibly be in another room... or I WANT PEACE AND QUIET. With a downstairs suite, separate accommodation in our Allensdown Barn, private entrances and interlinking rooms there are options through to Z!

The Farmhouse Kitchens

Become your own Nigella or Delia in one of the Kitchens - the farmhouse kitchen is well stocked for entertaining or baking with the children. And if that becomes too busy the Allensdown Barn also has a traditional wood fitted kitchen where you can enjoy tea and papers while your own Mrs Beaton or Tom Kitchen is cooking!

Kicking Back in Comfort

However much you love your party there are times when you need your own space - in the farmhouse choose from the Library or oak panelled drawing room, or in the Allensdown Barn the sumptuous sofas in the lounge... and if the children need entertaining don't forget the Cider Barn or Games Tent can be set up for snooker, table tennis and games!