Sustainability comes naturally

With so much pressure on the environment, many couples are looking to make their big day more environmentally friendly. We care passionately about green values and have always run our estate on sustainable principles with 78% less emissions per guest than the industry average.

Here are just some of the ways we support the environment.

  • Heating
    Heating is provided by a 80kw biomass boiler, which not only cut our emissions by up to 80% it also removed the use  of oil and gas on site. We also have a  5.5 kilowatt PV solar electricity generator to deliver clean green power, heating the farmhouse water, swimming pool and powering the hot-tub.
  • Water & waste
    We have our own water supply - chemical free and sustainable. Without mains water, we use ecological sewage treatment methods to manage our waste.
  • Waste Recycling
    We recycle as much as possible - we use refillable containers where possible, and we provide, and encourage the use of recycling facilities. We separate any waste, composting the organic waste and recycling much as possible.
  • Suppliers
    We have carefully built our scrapbook of wedding ideas, and is now brimming full of amazing British and local suppliers that simply know how to make a wedding! From local flower farms to organic producers and caterers your wedding can be stylish and sustainable - take a look here

Find out more about our sustainable values here