Cider Barn

Our restored 16th century cider barn once again rings with merriment. The perfect venue for your wedding. There is enough space for seating up to 100 guests for your ceremony and then plenty of great dancing room for your evening celebrations. The cider barn also creates a wonderful venue for intimate wedding ceremonies & feasts of 40-50 guests in March, April, October & November.

Above the barn is the walnut grove and below when you open up the big threshing doors you have the country view down the field to the woods. Your wedding guests can step out from the barn into the warm summer sun for drinks from the adjacent bar. At one end of this 70 square metre wedding venue the big old restored (& working) cider press stands over the proceedings. The barn and the surrounding grounds are perfect for guests to mill about before and after the ceremony or reception. When you hire the barn it comes complete with adjacent environmentally friendly toilets .

Douglas fir – from our own forest  was used to make the huge doors. These doors are so big because the cider barn was once used for threshing corn – the wind would blow through both sets of doors helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. When the barn is in use as a wedding venue in the summer these doors can be flung open to give a fresh breeze and glorious views.

Thatch Roof

The wonderful thatch roof has been rebuilt with a fresh straw wheat thatch and the walls have been completely rebuilt with traditional cob (a mixture of straw, clay and small stones) all locally sourced and mainly from our farm .


The interior of the cider barn roof has huge exposed oak beams and rafters with the roof apex sitting a full 23 feet above you – giving a great sense of space for your wedding ceremony and celebrations. Underfloor heating makes sure that your event will be cosy and your dancing feet warm when using the barn in the winter months.